Rupert Ralston


Filmzu is the marketplace for video creation. We started Filmzu as we had both been business owners and wanted to share our creations with the world. We discovered the only truly great platform to connect and share your story is through video.

With Filmzu, anyone can get video made for them at the best quality for their budget. Your vision, your video. Made exclusively for you.


Our reverse auction marketplace allows you to choose the best video producers for your budget

Safe and Secure

We're big on safety and security - from credit card processing to secure third party escrow accounts

Scalable Architecture

Built from scratch to take advantage of the Amazon AWS platform

I T Ventures is a New Zealand based Venture Capital Fund currently operating out of London, UK and San Francisco, CA. We invest in seed or early stage start-ups primarily based in the United States and Europe. Read more about us and the investments we're involved in and how to contact us by visiting our website.

The standard for Digital Transaction Management (DTM).
Robinhood is a new way to invest in the stock market.
An online and mobile marketplace for small jobs.

Chevrolet Roadview

Roadview was an application hacked together in 24 hours for Chevrolet during the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon. Read about Roadview in the coverage it received.


I enjoy building applications, here are some more projects that I have been involved with.

Filmmo (acquired 2014)
Filmmo is an online social network for the film community. It connects filmmakers with the people they need to get their project made. It's a space to showcase your talent and get discovered. And a place to find talent and hire them. Filmmo is freedom for filmmakers.
Art Near Me
Mobile application for people who love art. If you are in a new city or just want to discover new artists and galleries in your hometown, Art Near Me makes it easy to find gallery openings and exhibitions and more.

Project Management Software for professionals in a variety of project orientated industries.

Showtrackr is an AngularJS application which shows you which TV shows are on, when and sends you email notifications about them.

Perspective is a Ruby on Rails application using the Feedzilla and Alchemy API to dynamically pull articles on current events and run them through sentiment analysis.